Get super fit - super fast
in 20 min a week - with Electro Muscle Stimulation Training


We at EMS Health & Fitness Florida help you reach your fitness goals in a blink of an eye - with the most effective training method available. 

We offer our custom tailored EMS personal training at your home or preferred address.

A 20 minute session per week equals 3 - 4 training sessions in the gym.

Additionally, we provide you with nutrition coaching as well as conventional personal training.  





EMS - Personal Training

EMS is an incomparable effective 20 min whole body workout done in a personal training setting. We combine physical exercises with the additonal use of electric muscle stimulation. While training you wear a vest on your body, a belt around your glutes and set of straps around your legs and arms. These devices hold electrodes which intensify the muscle contraction to a maximum by using low frequency electrical impulses. More muscles are put to work simultaneously. Therefore you burn up to 600 cals per session and increase muscle mass. One 20 min workout session per week is sufficient. 

Our training method helps you achieve incredible results in a short amount of time.


Nutrition Coaching

We provide you with nutrition counceling as well as nutrition coaching plans in order to enhance your performance. For optimal results we will assess and analize your dietary practices, body composition and energy balance. We councel you on optimal nutrition for exercise training, recovery from exercise, hydration and supplimentation. Our coaching helps you change your body composition by loosing weight or increasing muscle mass. Even if you simply want to eat a healthier diet - we've got your back.

Conventional Personal Training

For some reasons you don't want to do EMS workouts. No problem! Our well experienced trainers also offer conventional personal training at your home or preferred address. We offer a 60 min customized training session including weightlifting, health related fitness training, sport rehabilation training, sling training, fascia and mobility training as well as fitness boxing.